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Social CRM analyzed

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Experts have been analyzing the impact of social customer relationship management (CRM) on businesses at a recent conference.

Media Post reports that its event on CRM discovered some interesting views on the importance of social CRM, with businesses increasingly looking to use social networks such as Twitter or Facebook to maintain contact with clients.

However, many are continuing to use traditional methods of keeping in touch with consumers, such as direct mail campaigns that can prove popular and help businesses boost their profit margins.

Data quality remains vitally important for any business looking to run a direct mail campaign, with address verification crucial to delivering messages and information to clients and customers.

Some of those on the Media Post panel revealed that the future for them is likely to be a multi-platform approach, where online tools such as social networking sites are used in conjunction with more traditional approaches to get messages across and keep customers happy.

Social networking has exploded in popularity over the past year, but many marketers are still finding it difficult to utilize the new tools to their greatest potential.