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Social CRM helps to increase presence

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations need to ensure that they fully utilize the modern technology which is on offer to get the most out of their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Smart Data Collective blog, expert Jacob Morgan drew attention to the use of social networking to increase a businesses presence and help them to better engage with their customers.

He pointed out a selection of different ways in which businesses can improve their CRM data management offerings using blogging services or Twitter as a marketing tool.

Social CRM measures are a step away from the traditional systems where focus is placed on the company, by putting the emphasis on individual customers.

"Companies need to look much deeper in order to fully integrate SCRM into their business processes; processes such as building relationships and empowering customers to act as advocates of the company," Mr Morgan wrote.

Last month, a survey by Forrester Research indicated that a number of businesses were planning to upgrade their CRM systems this year.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that in order to have a successful system, a primary focus should be placed on ensuring data quality is high.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler