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Social CRM is 'crucial' for relationship building

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The importance of including social networking in a modern marketing strategy has been highlighted by one industry commentator.

Writing for, Yoav Tchelet has noted that organizations embarking on a social customer relationship management (CRM) initiative must not underestimate the relevance of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

He explained that businesses that are failing to take advantage of social networking sites to form relationships with their consumers risk falling behind, adding that maintaining a social presence is not as complex a task as many believe.

"Companies both large and small are using these social networks to establish and maintain relationships with their customers," Mr Tchelet said.

"If you do things wisely … you can expect great results. Businesses that are not on the social web need to get involved while the barrier to entry is still nice and low."

Elsewhere, earlier this year, DM News reported that US-based organizations are increasingly turning to more and more channels than ever before, with marketers turning to mobile, email, the web, social media and print.

Posted by Richard Jones