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Social media and gaming platforms are 'perfect for customer engagement'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking for an innovative method of communicating with their customers may be interested in the recent comments of one social media and PR company.

According to We Are Social, as social gaming continues to expand at a rapid pace, it is fast becoming a potent new platform for marketers and organizations to connect with their customers.

Nathan McDonald, managing partner of the firm, noted that growth in the sector is expected to continue.

Indeed, the results of a recent worldwide study by US research body Parks Associates has found that social gaming revenues surpassed $1 billion last year and are forcast to rise past $5 billion by 2015.

"As more people spend more time on various social networks the way that brands and gaming companies are going to seek to participate and engage with these consumer's lives is through social gaming," Mr McDonald said.

The news could encourage a number of businesses in the US to find out how the social media and gaming platforms can be utilized to effectively communicate with customers.

Posted by Richard Jones