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Social media 'can help online retailers engage with consumers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
When used correctly, social media can be highly effective at driving a marketing program for online retailers.

According to Elemental director Tim Gibbon, engaging with customers via sites such as Facebook and Twitter can help build better relationships, which will enhance the impact of any promotional activity.

Firms can hyperlink URLs to easily guide customers to relevant areas of content on their own websites.

"This is where the opportunity lies for businesses, in that they do not need to use traditional marketing and media channels to engage and interact with audiences directly," he added.

However, Mr Gibbon did warn that it is important to ensure that the whole business works together on this issue, to ensure that all departments present the same image to consumers.

Research from The E-tailing Group recently found that offering a discount is a highly effective way to get customers to engage with brands on social media sites.

Posted by Richard Jones