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Social media driving business externally and internally

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Internet merchants can give their business a serious boost by engaging with social media, it is claimed.

According to Jon Callas, chief technology officer (CTO) at Entrust, "smart" companies are creating a presence on social media sites as a way of enhancing their brand.

Doing so enables them to reach new potential customers cheaply, while also allowing them to inform people about new products, services or promotions.

Furthermore, providing a social media platform for employees within the company to discuss issues affecting them is a good way to gauge employee motivation, Mr Callas adds.

"The more a company embraces it themselves and takes control of it the more they can understand what's going on [within their own organization]," he said.

Research recently conducted by DLA Piper has identified that 65 per cent of businesses encourage staff members to use social media for work purposes.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler