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Social media 'helps companies improve customer relations'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, can help firms to improve their all-round customer experience, it is claimed.

According to Health and Data Management, a host of hospitals and medical establishments are embracing use of social media as way to improve services to patients.

Administrators can use the channels to engage with customers on the latest service issues, or use them to respond to publicity, be it positive or negative.

Twitter and Facebook can also be a forum for the exchange of feedback, giving patients a say in the type of care received.

However, the publication warns: "While social media outlets can break down communication barriers and be extremely useful tools for community engagement, there's no controlling the medium nor the message."

Mike Seddon, founder of web promotion company, recently urged firms looking to use social media sites to think carefully about which one was suitable for their needs.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler