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Social media 'important for database professionals'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Focusing on social media channels can be of benefit to organizations hoping to improve their data management records, it has been suggested.

Sites such as Twitter and Facebook offer companies the chance to collect in-depth, detailed information on their target audience, according to Incanus Public Affairs.

The firm explained in an interview with the Economic Times that companies can analyze and observe the trends they see on these outlets which can be used to form the basis of future marketing campaigns.

James Ward, director of the group, said that building brand loyalty via social media depends on much more than ensuring the relevant audience receives certain messages.

He insisted that the focus should also be on acknowledging the way in which people react and respond.

"In many ways your socially-engaged clients are marketing for you and it becomes your job to ensure they feel heard and appreciated," he commented.

Meanwhile, research by Imperva has found that data management is lacking in a large number of companies.