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Social media 'important' for email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Social media is set to play an increasingly important role in organizations' email marketing campaigns as we head into 2011, it has been suggested.

Highlighting the top trends for email in the new year, Small Business Computing has suggested that social media will be viewed by small companies as a way to extend and enhance their marketing.

Speaking to the news provider, Eric Groves, senior vice-president of global market development at Constant Contact and Melanie Attia, the product marketing manager at Campaigner, believe the trend will continue.

"I think that we're definitely going to see a continued symbiosis between social media and email," said Ms Attia.

"We highly recommend that companies always link to their social media properties, such as their Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages, as well as blogs, [in their email marketing campaigns]."

Mr Groves added that by linking pages businesses will encourage conversation with customers, giving them easy ways to engage directly with an organization.

"And, even more importantly, [they can] share your content with their networks," he said.

Posted by Richard Jones