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Social media increases marketing impact

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations can increase the impact of their email marketing for business to business by encouraging people to interact through social media, an expert has claimed.

Writing for, Chris Dawson, the owner of an eCommerce company and online sales consultant, said that engaging consumers by creating content on Facebook and Twitter that will encourage them to share or comment on it will multiply the reach of the original message.

"Rather than marketing directly to those on your email list it's time to think of engaging content that will encourage them to 'Tweet' and 'Like' your contact and share it with their social media networks," he explained.

Furthermore, new tools are now available that allow firms to track the social impact of email marketing business to business, breaking down views into those seen through emails, Twitter, Facebook and other sources.

However, before taking on social media marketing, Frank Williams, president of Pioneer Strategies, said that organizations need to figure out how it will help them achieve their goals, Cape Fear Business News reported.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler