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Social media should be 'incorporated' in to marketing campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Social media marketing should be done in conjunction with other communication methods, one media consulting agency has claimed.

The news could see more professionals utilizing both email marketing and social media platforms as a means of staying in touch with their customer base.

According to Elemental Communications, a growing number of marketers have been looking to harness the benefits of social media over the past three years.

Social environments such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube are now spaces where businesses look to bond with potential customers and have direct conversations with them, the firm explained.

"What is referred to as social media marketing is one channel that brands are looking toward to engage with their audiences on their level and within their environments," Tim Gibbon, director of Elemental Communications, said.

Mr Gibbon added that organizations which are looking to move into a social environment should incorporate it into their current marketing campaigns, rather than focusing solely on it.

"Social media is about being transparent, open and having conversation. Once brands are able to do all three of those things naturally, they will see greater engagement from their target," he added.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler