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Social privacy worries hold back F-Commerce

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The reluctance companies have to use social networking platforms to place orders highlights the importance of email marketing for business to business.

A new study found that even if a special offer was featured on a brand's social network, most customers would go to the official website to redeem it.

The research by marketing communications agency JWT found that around 80 per cent of adults in the UK and the US believe that social networking sites are not secure enough environments to shop through, noted.

JWT's Social Commerce report said that a lot of these hurdles are the same ones encountered by firms when they first started in e-Commerce ten years ago.

"As they experiment with F-commerce, brands can look at the lessons from that time period for guidance on how to overcome these challenges and ease consumer concerns," it revealed to those interested in email marketing for business to business.

Tim Gibbon, director at Elemental Communications, said that businesses that use social media marketing need to evolve at the same pace as the landscape.

Posted by Richard Jones