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Software giant acquires data quality firm

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Software giant Oracle has made a firm commitment to the importance of data quality in 2010 with the acquisition of Silver Creek Systems.

In a statement announcing the deal, Oracle was adamant that clean and accurate data is a necessity to business, as it enhances supply chain execution, increases operational efficiencies and facilitates better business decisions.

Hasan Rizvi, senior vice president of Oracle fusion middleware product development, said that the "lack of standardized product data continues to be a challenge for many enterprises".

He added that good data quality practices can go a long way to helping businesses achieve more accurate and consistent product data across their enterprise.

Over the past year, the software giant has made several large acquisitions, including its purchase of health informatics firm Relsys in March and manufacturing company Conformia Software in June.

No financial details of the deal were released with its announcement earlier this week.