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Some healthcare data managers unprepared

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data is everywhere, including in the healthcare industry. Facts and figures in the field can affect outcomes for patients, meaning data quality is especially critical. InformationWeek, however, reported that there are serious problems with some providers' data management systems. The source stated that recent surveys have found challenges in using electronic health records full of unstructured data.

There is ample motivation for medical professionals to collect patient information. According to InformationWeek, hospitals with excellent service records are due for government reimbursements. This need for excellent and well-monitored care has led to wide interest in data collection efforts in a number of fields.

The source, citing information from Oracle Health Sciences, stated that many healthcare providers have made EHR adoption a priority, but many are having trouble taking in the right data. Data quality management in health resembles the process in other fields but with a new sense of urgency, as lives may be on the line.

Pulse reported that the U.K.'s NHS has recently reported a high error rate in health data coming from hospitals and small practices. The source stated that reforms have led to some of the inconsistency in the figures.