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Sony's data management called into question

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Sony's data management has been called into question after millions of its Playstation network's members had their details stolen.

The incident took place on April 18th and the safety of private user data, credit card information and addresses compromised.

Speaking to Reuters, Michael On, a fund manager at Beyond Asset Management, suggested that the company's management should be held accountable for the poor data management that allowed the situation to arise.

"The current [chief executive] should step down after the hacker problems and the company's failure to push out products that are competitive," said Mr On.

Kazuo Hirai, another member of top management at Sony, also came into Mr On's firing line.

"The leadership of Sony is not a good place right now, which could lead to Stringer [the current chief executive] stepping down and may sabotage Hirai's chances of succeeding," he remarked.

Investors began to speak out on the issue after it was revealed that the Sony Online Entertainment games network was also hacked, along with the original hack of the Playstation network.