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Special edition tequila bottles to be found using ZIP Code software

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Proximo Spirits and 1800 Tequila are using ZIP Code software to allow online customers to find out where they can buy limited edition bottles.

The companies recently invited artists from across the US to submit designs for a special edition range of bottles and 11 were selected from more than 15,000 submissions, reports

While 11 designs were taken from up and coming artists, a 12th has been produced by established artist Shepard Fairey and his Studio Number One group, whose work includes the Barack Obama 'Hope' design.

Consumers keen to get hold of the special edition bottles can enter their ZIP Codes at, where address data will be provided revealing their nearest relevant retail outlet.

The competition will be held again within the next few months to find a series of new designs to be produced for next year.

In other news, homeowners have the opportunity to improve their energy-efficiency by submitting their address data at, which analyzes existing practices and can calculate an efficiency scheme.