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Sprint to provide address verification software for US Census

Rachel Wheeler Archive

The company which has gained the technology contract for the next US Census will use address verification software to ensure accurate results.

Sprint has been given the task of providing mobile technology for the information gathering task, saying it will give field workers equipment to reduce tampering, reports MobileBlorge.

Custom devices will be created for the operatives, which will contain GPS equipment for address verification and fingerprint recognition software, to combat any interference.

It marks the first time the ten-yearly census will involve field workers using computers, rather than a clipboard, despite previous test runs presenting complications.

However, officials decided the issues were more to do with the management of the technology rather than the actual address verification software, the source found.

Some technology will be taken out of the system as people will not be able to fill out the form online, as they could previously, following concerns about security.

Veterans have recently called for address verification software to be used to ensure they receive their compensation payments, reports Veterans Today.