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SSA adopts green database management solutions

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The Social Security Administration (SSA) is to build a new a new $800 million green database management solution in the Baltimore area.

A further $500 million will also be laid out in order to hire staff to reduce backlogs in disability claims.

The group went on to say the database will replace the SSA's 30-year-old National Computer Center, which is reaching the limit of its space.

"The sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental impact resulting from the project are dependent on the initial building design, IT equipment selections and ongoing operations of the data center," the SSA stated:

In addition, the group pointed out that it is committed to the incorporation of green IT solutions as part of the ongoing operations of the National Support Center.

Earlier this month, Virginia Garcia, senior research director at the Tower Group, commented that firms should deploy more agile and intelligent architecture in order to improve data quality and address risk management problems.