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Staff training 'key' to successful data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Ensuring that IT staff receive the correct level of training is an important factor in the implementation of data management solutions, it has been claimed.

Speaking to, Moosa Matariyeh, an enterprise storage specialist at technology retailer CDW, claimed that ever increasing amounts of data means the search for additional storage is constant.

However, deciding how much training to give staff on new storage solutions and data management systems is vital, he says, especially for smaller firms.

This is because many employers may not be able to afford to lose staff for a number of days while they attend training sessions.

"Some midtier customers may only have two or three people in their IT department, so losing one person for four or five days of training can have a significant impact on service levels," he said.

"Larger organizations have also had their staff numbers cut, so they're also affected."

Instead, managers should decide if it is possible to boost staffs' skills while they are still performing their usual roles, he suggests.

Posted by Richard Jones