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'Stand out from the competition' with excellent customer experience

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been encouraged to create a unique customer experience that will help make them stand-out from the competition.

Speaking to, Mike Jasser, the vice-president of business development at MarcParcValet, explained that care, consideration and time need to be dedicated to customer service.

He explained that recruitment decisions as well as future training provision need to play a major role in creating excellent, sustained customer experience.

"It's not enough to just talk about how important the customer experience is for your company. You must invest in it," he told the news provider.

The comments follow recent claims from Bruce Temkin, managing partner of the Temkin Group, that customer experience can have a profound impact on loyalty among organization's target consumers.

According to the expert, before organizations think about investing in improving their customer experience processes, they must ensure that they fully comprehend how it will help increase loyalty among their target audience, he told

Posted by Rachel Wheeler