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'Stand out from the pack' with high levels of customer services

Rachel Wheeler Archive
High customer service levels can help businesses build strong and enduring relationships with their customers.

Utility companies in the US may be encouraged to spend more time looking to improve their customer service levels following the comments of one expert.

Speaking to the Kansas City Star, Robert Kolich, of the Kansas Small Business Development Center and Johnson County Community College, has claimed that "truly remarkable" companies are able to plan and deliver excellent service with every customer interaction.

"A dedication to customer service enables the best companies to separate themselves from the pack," he wrote.

"Consumer products are becoming mere commodities, with price used as a competitive advantage. Competitors' prices can be checked in an instant with cell phone price comparison apps."

Indeed, Mr Kolich suggests that companies should set themselves a goal to "discover a renewed sense of the value in each existing customer". He added that in the coming year, businesses can define two or three goals to create better customer experiences.

Posted by Paul Newman