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Start-up online retailers urged to invest in marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Retailers looking to grow their e-commerce operations need to set aside a significant marketing budget, an expert claims.

Dave Bird, managing director at Webtistic, claims that many firms believe that internet traffic will gradually begin to flow into the site, like shoppers passing a bricks-and-mortar store.

However, Mr Bird insists that the internet does not work like that, and retailers will have to push their brand to start bringing in customers.

A common mistake, the expert adds, is to either launch too soon or fail to make significant investments. He explained: "A high number of online start-ups fall into the trap of launching with a low-budget website design or platform - with a view to improving it over time.

"First impressions are everything and online shoppers can have very long memories."

The holiday season has been a very profitable time for many online retailers, with record-breaking sales figures in and around Thanksgiving and in the build-up to Christmas.

Posted by Richard Jones