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Start with data quality for smart big data adoption

Paul Newman Archive

Big data holds promise for companies large, small and in between, according to Jim Harris' latest blog entry for The Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality Blog. Across the business environment, there is a growing understanding that big data insights can help firms of all sizes, and because the technology is becoming mainstream, it's also accessible to a broader range of businesses.  

Most companies that invest in big data have lofty goals for the nuggets of information they plan to derive from big data analytics, but the ambitions don't need to be that grand, Sharon Hurley Hall wrote in an article for the Midsize Insider. Hall explains that if for no other reason, medium-sized business can benefit from big data because it helps them harness information from the location where customers are generating the most of it - the internet. Firms need to get social and gather data from these interactions to capitalize on all opportunities for revenue generation. 

That being said, big data users must also be wary of the insights they discover, reports Smart Planet. In some cases, the information can be misleading, and in others there are opportunities for analysts to misinterpret content. Additionally, there are many instances in which companies are suffering from bad data quality, which will negatively impact their findings.