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Stimulus website using ZIP Code software wins praise outside Washington

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new feature added to, the website that uses ZIP Code software to track how the government's stimulus money is being spent, has been praised outside Washington.

New feature Where Is the Money Going? enables web users to get details of all the various local projects benefitting from the government's $787 billion stimulus package, from specific project details through to how much money has been spent and the number of new jobs created, reports

The feature lists projects orchestrated between February 17th and September 30th, while ZIP Code software enables people to get details on specific areas.

David Rand, a fellow at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, told the website: "To have a full appreciation of what's going on I would have to spend more time [on the site], but it seems like a pretty awesome resource."

In other news, officials in Alabama will use ZIP Code software on the state's website to enable residents to find out where they can get swine flu vaccinations as soon as the medicine becomes widely available, reports the Brewton Standard.