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Strong data quality can boost marketing lead generation

Richard Jones Archive
Some companies in B2B industries, such as those in IT, hesitate to launch lead generation campaigns because they worry about inundating themselves with prospects, upholding data quality and facing overly complicated processes, according to Business 2 Community. However, this may be causing companies to lose out on opportunities that can make them more successful.

Rather than giving in to these fears, businesses should address concerns and demonstrate how they can overcome them, the source adds. IT companies in particular can strive to show how their software programs overcome these stumbling blocks by streamlining processes, offering simple solutions and upholding quality.

To ensure their online lead generation campaigns are successful - and not wasted investments - companies should start off with their data quality measures, according to Marketing Profs.

Lead generation lists can quickly go bad since employees often change jobs, which causes lists to decay 2 percent per month, according to a study by NetProspex.

Moreover, Marketing Profs warns that companies shouldn't assume more data is better. They may experience greater success when they have a small amount of high-quality content, rather than a larger quantity that is flawed or off-target.