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Strong subject important for emails, expert suggests

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US-based email marketers have been told that having a strong subject line is an important component of a successful mail campaign.

According to marketing specialist Maria Pergolino, the title of the email will help to determine whether or not a recipient opens a particular marketing message.

"Try to utilize words that relate to the purpose of the email. If the email is for a product offer, leverage action words to stir a sense of urgency," the expert suggested.

Elsewhere, the article also highlights the importance of displaying the right name in the 'from' field.

"Remember to match this field to something familiar to the recipient – such as the brand the customer knows and trusts. Having a trusted from name encourages higher open rates from customers," Ms Pergolino wrote in a column for Customer Think.

She added that successful email marketers were the ones who understood the "art" and "science" of conducting campaigns.

Posted by Paul Newman