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Strong team 'vital' for data management projects

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations looking to implement data management projects need to ensure that they have a strong team backing them.

Gwen Thomas, president of the Data Governance Institute, has suggested that in order to successfully carry out the initiatives business leaders need to have the power to "overturn dissenters", Search CIO reports.

She added that data and information analysts with good knowledge of the IT systems in use at the business should also be in place for the project to work out well.

Furthermore, the expert claimed that the projects also need a firm time commitment from the participants, as well as trusted project managers who can document and communicate with ease.

Meanwhile, earlier this year a study conducted by CSO Insights suggested that data quality remains a major concern for a number of US-based businesses.

The body found that only eight per cent of organizations believe that their prospect data is 90 per cent accurate.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler