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Study backs use of direct mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) recent study on direct mail highlighted some important facts and figures, it has been claimed.

Writing for Inside Direct Mail, editor-in-chief Ethan Boldt has suggested that the latest statistics released in the DMA Statistical Fact Book 2010 represent good news for US marketers.

The figures show that all formats of mail and marketing are getting read more by the consumer, something that Boldt puts down to the fact that there is less post in individual's mailboxes.

He writes: "Perhaps in part because mailboxes are less crowded and people prefer the less frantic pace of mail-reading over the technological assault through email, mobile and social media.

"Letter-size envelopes went up a few points, with 33.4 per cent of household prospects reading them. Oversize envelopes snagged 39.2 per cent, a ten per cent rise."

Furthermore, the study shows that 79 per cent of households will read or scan advertising sent to their address.

Target Marketing Magazine recently highlighted the importance of data quality lists when carrying out direct marketing campaigns.