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Study highlights the importance of packaging for direct mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers are being encouraged to talk to their packaging producer in an attempt to improve responses to B-to-B mailings, it has been announced.

According to Advertising Direct Mail, in order to carry out a successful direct mail campaign and avoid returned mail companies must make their messages stand out and grab the attention of the consumer.

Studies commissioned by a major US mailer have revealed that increasing the number of individuals opening mail has a direct correlation to the number of sales it can generate.

Furthermore, the study showed that the outer wrapper of a package was of significant importance to whether an item was opened, over 85 per cent of those questioned said they would open an item if it was large, odd-sized, or appeared to have come by a delivery service.

Therefore, the website highlights the importance of direct mail being able to "live up to the promise of the package".

Industry news source recently stated that because direct mail marketing is targeted and personalized it is a better option than modern forms of promotion.