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Study: UK businesses rely on cloud contingency plans

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that businesses in the U.K. are not spending enough time monitoring their cloud provider's data quality tools. Instead, firms are putting their trust in the cloud and relying on contingency plans to keep confidential information safe in the event of a disaster.

"Small businesses may think that because their data is being hosted by a large cloud provider that good security controls will be in place but this isn’t necessarily the case," PwC information security partner Chris Potter said. "Companies should always check what security controls their providers are operating."

The study found that roughly 75 percent of organizations in the U.K. are using at least one cloud service to strengthen data quality, with approximately one out of five smaller firms having migrated confidential information to the hosted environments. However, more than half of companies don't even check their vendor's data quality assurance and security policies.

The cloud adoption rate is only expected to rise, as the global market for cloud computing will generate more than $121 billion in revenue by 2015, according to MarketsandMarkets. If companies are to use the hosted services, decision-makers and IT departments need to ensure providers follow through on their promises of data quality and security.

By Richard Jones