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Summer sale can be used to prove that 'direct mail works'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
More details have been released surrounding the United States Postal Service's (USPS®) summer sale for direct mailers.

US marketers may wish to take advantage of the substantial discounts available to them over the summer period, with the knowledge that a USPS spokesperson has endorsed the use of direct mail.

USPS plans to run the sale between July 1st through until September 30th and mailers will be able to claim back 30 per cent of the total cost of their mailing campaigns.

Speaking regarding its launch Robert Bernstock, president of mailing and shipping services, said it was USPS's way of rewarding its customers.

He added: "Direct mail works, and our customers know that ... that's why we will continue to invest in programs that promote the health of our customers’ businesses as well as our own."

"We expect the 2010 Summer Sale to … generate between 300 million and one billion new mailpieces."

Marketers may also want to take advantage of online address data lists when they look to target specific consumers after Target Marketing Magazine recommended businesses use internet-based resources to compliment direct mail campaigns.