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Support growth with direct mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Small businesses seeking to expand their company need to be sure they are reaching the right prospects.

Companies looking to grow into a new region often consider using direct mailings to help generate excitement for their new location. This approach allows businesses to saturate an area with advertisements that can be targeted to consumers who are similar to customers already loyal to the business.

Expanding a marketing approach to different regions can help generate a stronger customer base that can help fuel growth. Directing traffic to a website or social media program can help lead online sales and justify costs of establishing new locations. However, each of these benefits requires accurate consumer information to be effective.

Direct mailing campaigns depend on intensive analysis of customer data,  which can be wasted without proper address verification of the potential client. This small step is easy to overlook as companies rush to complete a laundry list of tasks to assist their growth. However, address verification is an essential tool in getting your messages directly into the hands of a consumer.

Whether the company is expanding into a new town, state or region, supporting your direct mailing campaign with proper data quality initiatives can help reduce waste and increase the return on investment.