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Survey: Businesses like internally hosted private clouds

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In an attempt to improve data quality and operational efficiency, businesses around the world are deploying cloud computing technologies much more frequently. According to a new study by Network Instruments, cloud adoption is being driven by the need for Software-as-a-Service and internally hosted cloud environments.

The survey found that nearly three-quarters of companies have implemented cloud computing, with roughly half of these respondents using SaaS models. Network Instruments also found that more than 60 percent of organizations using the cloud have adopted private clouds, with the majority of businesses hosting the virtual environments internally.

"As IT teams move to deploy key business services to the cloud, it is critical that they address new visibility gaps resulting from the move," Network Instruments director of product strategies Charles Thompson said. "Teams failing to manage cloud monitoring challenges risk impacting worker productivity and the organization's bottom line."

Although the cloud can help companies improve productivity, IT departments need to be sure to implement effective monitoring and data quality tools. By doing so, decision-makers can ensure hosted environments remain efficient and don't sacrifice any aspect of the business that may negatively impact revenue or customer service.