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Survey: Nearly three-quarters of businesses deploying big data projects

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A recent study by Informatica found that more businesses view the advent of big data as an opportunity, rather than an IT challenge. Nearly 70 percent of enterprises are either considering, planning, evaluating or implementing big data projects to gain a competitive advantage over rival firms.

This doesn't mean that these initiatives don't encounter any issues, however. The reality is that big data holds a lot of promise after decision-makers and IT departments address concerns.

The survey noted that a major issue is a simple lack of maturity for big data tools, as there is a minimal amount of support to aid businesses in their quest to leverage large volumes of information. Another concern is poor data quality. Without the proper infrastructure visibility, companies often lack the skills to determine whether the accumulated files are accurate.

As a result, decision-makers are investing in tools to ensure big data initiatives are effective. According to a separate report by IDC, the global market for big data solutions and services is forecast to generate nearly $17 billion in revenue by 2015.

By leveraging the proper solutions, companies can ensure their big data projects encounter minimal problems.