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Surveys reveal great optimism surrounding big data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As big data transitions away from untapped potential and becomes a source of actualized business decisions, research firms and industry insiders are conducting surveys to learn more about the ways in which analytics is being leveraged. In a recent article, ZDNet explores three surveys that were released with the aim of identifying similarities and differences among the companies that have made investments in strategy. The three reports, generated by Jaspersoft, RainStor and IBM, asked companies, among other questions, what they hoped to get out of big data.

One overarching theme was the vast potential of big data, the source reports. However, there is less confidence surrounding the plans for how exactly to use it. This has emerged as a common problem among early adopters of analytics who thought that collecting and harnessing the information would be enough to yield the insights they hoped to gain.

This is not the case. In order to use data for customer experience analytics, marketing campaign optimization, financial risk analysis and marketing competitive evaluations, which were highly cited reasons for tapping into the strategy in a Jaspersoft survey, businesses must have a well-executed plan.

As part of their approach, enterprises should know how to structure their data and keep it organized to ensure all departments that will be using it can gain valuable insight, rather than sifting through rows and columns of information that hasn't been checked for data quality.