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Sustainability important when making IT changes

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies looking to develop their data management processes need to find a balance between performance and energy efficiency, one expert suggests.

With the introduction of mobile technology both within the workplace and in the hands of the consumer, changing the way people use the internet, many firms will be looking to update their data management systems to facilitate this change.

According to Andrew Boddington, director of marketing at Return on IT, rapidly growing firms especially may be looking to replace hardware and expand networks, but a thought must be given to how sustainable maintenance of this new technology will be.

"There is always a balance to be made between performance of the systems, the time spent managing the performance and failures, and environmental responsibility," Mr Boddington explains.

James Peel, product manager at open source platform Opsview, recently suggested that advancements in technology and a change in the way in which business is conducted has made IT a central business issue.

Posted by Richard Jones