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Switching data to the cloud 'can save on energy costs'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Switching data management to a virtualized network can help organizations reduce their IT costs, it is claimed.

Alan Beresford, managing director at, says that most IT departments have a very bad track record of decommissioning old equipment.

By reviewing IT operations and switching to virtualized data storage, Mr Beresford suggests that companies will find they can make significant reductions in energy usage.

Cloud computing not only cuts down on energy used for the data centers themselves, but also on the servers and cooling systems that support them.

"On their main IT equipment, lots of people are now looking at virtualization - where you can be moving your processing around servers and you need less equipment," the expert added.

John Dunn, security editor of Techworld, believes that private cloud networks have proven to be a popular way of conveniently and effectively easing the data management burden some companies face.

Posted by Richard Jones