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Tablet sales set to reach 250m by 2017

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers using address standardization software may need to put more importance into how they can improve the overall customer experience for tablet users.

The latest data from In-Stat shows that sales of tablet device like the iPad are set to explode in the next six years.

With all the major cell phone manufacturers - such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola BlackBerry and LG - all throwing resources at the tablet market, In-Stat expects shipments of these devices to reach 250 million units by 2017.

Online merchants may therefore want to think about modifying their website to make it useable and attractive to tablet users.

In-Stat chief technology strategist Jim McGregor says that the tablet market is still evolving, and the future will see an even larger differentiation in what the devices can do.

"These new devices mark a significant change in the value change of the electronics industry where the content and applications are now the key differentiators and innovation drivers," he added.

Posted by Richard Jones