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Tackle data quality problems one at a time, expert advises

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to improve their data quality have been advised to tackle one issue at a time.

Jason Tiret, director of modeling and architecture solutions for Embarcadero Technologies, explained that it is best to focus on the "high-visibility, business-critical" areas first.

Speaking to Insurance Networking News, the expert suggested that by tackling problems individually organizations will get immediate successes and build momentum to help improve other areas.

"Poor data quality leads to a gross misunderstanding of your data, and misunderstanding your data is a bit like driving blindfolded," he told the news provider.

"You may eventually get to where you need to go, but it is going be very risky and very costly."

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Information Management, Navin Sharma, director of global product strategy and data quality for Pitney Bowes Business Insight revealed that businesses must perform ongoing data maintenance if they want to ensure that data quality remains high.

Posted by Paul Newman