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Take a healthy approach to Big Data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As if Big Data wasn't large enough, some people are now talking about Morbidly Obese Data (MO'Data), Information Management reports. This is the concept of what will happen as businesses try to harness large amounts of Big Data and turn it into actionable insight, the source explains, citing a recent Twitter conversation with Daragh O Brien, an information quality and data protection consultant.

Rather than consuming endless volumes of data, which may be contributing to an "information obesity" problem, businesses need to find a healthy approach to their analytics cravings, the source adds. Similar to a diet, this should include both portion control and exercise, which means businesses should be selective about the types of data they're collecting and install the tools and rules to govern data quality.

If firms don't do this, they might stay focused only on the volume of data they are consuming, which can lead to significant problems, adds IT Director. Rather than being concerned with the amount of information being collected, businesses should focus on how to contain it and organize it, so it can be analyzed and used in decision-making processes.