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Target audience research crucial to direct mail campaign success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Getting to know a company's target audience is vital before a direct mail strategy is decided, it has been suggested.

According to, Patrick Collister has written in a column for that different people within a certain organization are likely to have different ideas about the potential direction of a direct mail campaign.

A creative director, for instance, might be keen for the message to be humorous in tone, while a CEO could be a stronger advocate of a more direct approach.

However, Mr Collister believes that this argument can be easily solved.

"It took me nearly 20 years in advertising to discover that just as important as the proposition in any creative brief is defining your target audience," he wrote, reports.

"The moment you know who they are, both the nature of your message and the nature of your media suggest themselves to you."

Earlier this month, DM noted that a direct mail campaign was used to promote the launch of the HTC Evo 4G smartphone.

Posted by Paul Newton