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Target groups down to specific ZIP codes, says expert

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A marketing head has said that businesses should be utilizing more software to hyper-target individual groups in their campaigns.

Rob Gorrie, president and founder of media strategists AdCentricity, has said that using media software that will target groups specifically on things such as ZIP code can ensure maximum penetration of a market.

Using the Hispanic community as an example, Mr Gorrie said: "Consider a Hispanic-targeted campaign for the Texas State Lottery … optimized to reach ZIP codes within the top ten per cent of Hispanic markets."

He argued that refining a strategy like this would inevitably increase the campaign's returns.

Mr Gorrie also said that these forms of marketing were becoming increasingly important as the ethnic population in the US continues to grow, particularly as certain groups tend to live in the same ZIP codes, thereby presenting an opportunity for more direct marketing.

This comes as the US is preparing to undergo the 2010 census. From March next year over 120 million questionnaires will be delivered around the country.

To account for the increase in ethnic minorities within the US, an instructional aid will be available upon request in nearly 60 languages.