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Targeted campaigns depend on data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Consumers make purchasing decisions based on a number of factors, including personal values, such as a concern for the environment or a specific political leaning. These characteristics are often used to make effective marketing campaigns. Because the values impact their purchasing decisions, companies that are able to align their message with the cares and concerns of the consumer can see a high rate of return.

These types of campaigns depend heavily on data quality. Since the information that companies use to determine consumer values can come from a variety of sources, it is important to verify the information. Data quality tools can ensure the accuracy of information and, by extension, the success of a marketing campaign. Reaching only the consumers who share the target values can save time and money, while delivering a good return on investment.

Limiting the campaign to a small group of targeted individuals allows for a high degree of personalization. This enables companies to craft strong messages that appeal to the consumers' values. Delivering this message requires proper address verification. Whether the campaign is delivered by email, direct mail or mobile devices, companies need to ensure that the contact information they have is correct. Data quality tools can enhance the accuracy of delivery and keep a marketing campaign effective.