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Targeted email strategies can revive the channel

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In the same way that marketers were convinced direct mail was dead just a few years ago, it's now email marketing for whom the industry's bell tolls. But to disregard the channel as a defunct method for advertising is to give up on its potential and possibility for a high return on investment. Properly planned, executed and managed, emails can continue to be a powerful asset for marketing efforts.

Indeed, as former email skeptic Frank Reed writes for Marketing Pilgrim, "email marketing is not what it used to be and that's why it is more effective than ever."

When communicating with a diverse group of consumers, failing to recognize their different priorities and unique interests will create email recipients who are disinterested. This will likely make them delete a company's message from their inboxes. Instead, businesses and ad agencies should employ the tactics of email validation and targeted messaging to deliver the most appropriate message to contacts at the right time. 

Adopting an email address verification solution, along with devising a strategy to messages that are individually tailored to your company's different demographic groups, can contribute to improved marketing campaign response rates, boosted brand awareness and higher sales numbers.