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Targeting and segmentation with email marketing 'becoming more complex'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Targeting the recipients of email marketing is something which businesses should not forget about, according to an expert, who advised that it is all about going back to basics.

Tim Roe, head of deliverability and data segmentation at Redeye International, told that it is important to target those people who are most likely to buy a product and then aim the marketing directly at them.

"Words like 'broadcast' and 'blast' were being used to describe the sending of an email campaign (still common words today) and email volumes shot through the roof. As a response to this, the ISPs started to get quite protective of their client base, investing in technology to help reduce the load on people’s inboxes," he added.

Mr Roe stated that it makes sense to talk to people and recipients of emails in a manner which is based on the relationship with the sender.

Therefore, it is important to make a distinction between past customers and dormant ones.

Recently, Mr Roe listed his five stages of an email's lifecycle; prospect, welcome, single buyer, multi buyer and dormant.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler