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Targeting the right demographics in direct marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive

One of the most important takeaways from direct marketing is its impact on customers who are already loyal ones. Your goal isn't just to secure one sale - rather, it's to develop meaningful relationships with people and keep them coming back for return visits. This is easier to do if you understand your demographics and know precisely who to target.

In whatever industry you're looking to master, the key is to know who your shoppers are and how to target them. That way, you can quickly detect when loyalty is slipping and something needs to be done.

E-consultancy recently cited a fascinating example - the news source discovered that in the United Kingdom, mothers are becoming less dedicated to their favorite grocery stores. Rather than choose one supermarket and stick with it, they've been drifting around. Loyalty is becoming a thing of the past. Among the key findings, according to a survey of 1,000 moms by Starcom MediaVest and Mumsnet:

  • In the last six months, 33 percent of shoppers say they have switched supermarkets. Their reasons typically include lower prices, better products and a better in-store experience, all of which matter more to them than brand loyalty.
  • Additionally, 10 percent say they've drifted away from the "big four" major brands and begun patronizing smaller businesses instead. Often, they're searching for discount supermarkets and don't value the credibility that comes with a big name.
  • Fewer shoppers in the U.K. are sticking with just one shop for all their needs. On average, moms go to three different supermarkets a week for the various items on their list, straying from the idea of a "main shop."

In order to address the lack of loyalty among shoppers today, businesses of all kinds need a better approach to direct marketing. This means frequent contact and content directly at the right demographics - and it also means data quality. You need to make sure your message delivers the right people in a timely fashion.