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Tech upgrades help IT leaders 'keep up'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Over the past ten years a number of changes have been made to the IT landscape, with green computing and virtualization named as the top tech trends to emerge from that period.

Identifying the changes seen in the last decade, Voice and Data magazine has explained that many organizations have been forced to move with the times to keep up with the evolving sector.

"In the current economic scenario, organizations are mandated to increase productivity and cut costs while maintaining the excellence that provides them with a competitive edge," the magazine noted.

As such, the article explained that chief information officers have been inspired to invest in innovative technologies that help them to increase productivity, protect existing IT investments and "extend the life of the data center".

Virtualization, in particular, meets these needs, making it one of the biggest movements in business IT over the past ten years.

ZD Net commentator Jason Hiner recently claimed that key IT capabilities will continue to be outsourced in 2011, as businesses look to take advantage of a 24-7 service and a fleet of experts at their disposal.

Posted by Paul Newman