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Technology and mobility driving move to paperless offices

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The move towards paperless offices around the world is being driven and facilitated by new technology and mobile workforces, a consultancy has said.

Richard Taylor, UK partner for the Birchman Group, suggested that there is really no benefit or need to use paper when things like cloud computing and data management can do the same job more effectively and efficiently.

"It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can access the same content," he added.

"So it's basically removing the need to have people printing off the paper and taking it around with them."

Mr Taylor went on to say that this technology also facilitates collaborative environments, helping companies with employees based in many different locations to work seamlessly together on a project.

According to recent research by the Business Software Alliance, financial directors have increased their spending on business software in the last year, although they raised concerns about whether it is being deployed correctly.