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Technology helps to make the web 'more accessible'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The changing shape of technology is helping to make the internet more accessible and easier to use, it has been claimed.

According to Scott Thompson, head of digital research at Starcom MediaVest, the development of technology has reached a stage whereby it has become "domesticated".

"What that means in terms of human behaviour is that we don't think about 'going online' any more - we are becoming permanently connected," Mr Thompson explained to the AOP website.

The news may inspire a number of e-commerce retailers to think about improving their website technology to better the service which they offer to their customers.

Furthermore, Mr Thompson highlighted the usefulness of the web for keeping in touch and communication with others, from blogging to uploading photos or videos.

"I don't think we've really seen a significant change in behaviours from one of these to the next - just technology making it easier for people to get involved," he told the news provider.

Posted by Paul Newman