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Technology 'should be used' to create memorable direct mail campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers must use all the technology at their disposal to ensure direct mail campaigns are as successful as possible.

According to an article on industry news site Presort, it is important that businesses make their mailpieces stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Trish Witkowski highlights the numerous different techniques marketers can use to create a memorable campaign, including contour-cut shaped mailers and inserts which can be used to gain a greater response.

Furthermore, many direct mailing campaigns are carried out as a two-part process to help target consumers more effectively.

Kirk Larsen, of print solution provider Graphic Partners, explained that the first batch of mail would be a mass produced piece.

However, once more is known about the potential consumers, customization and image personalization can occur before the second round of mailing.

Another way in which marketers can improve their chances of a successful direct mail campaign is by purchasing detailed data quality from list content to target specific demographics.

Meanwhile, Deliver Magazine recently stated that including samples of products can enhance a company's chance of success.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler